Pattern welded jewellery

Jude specialises in pattern-welding with stainless steel. Unlike many makers who import industrially produced stock, he has developed his own process. There are very few blacksmiths making their own stainless steel pattern welding and even fewer who will use traditional methods to forge the rings. Jude’s process for making stainless steel rings is 90% using traditional methods and as a result every ring has a very unique pattern that can never be duplicated. No two rings will be the same.

Wedding rings

Our pattern welded wedding rings are forged from a the same billet making for a set of his & hers wedding rings as individual and unique as their owners. No two rings are ever the same!

We will work closely with you to produce something beautiful and bespoke, bringing your ideas and designs to life. As every ring we make is special, we will capture the forging process at every point with video and photos so that you can see the journey of your rings from idea to conception.